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Cemetery Maintenance

8967_Rays_of_RosesJesus, Bread of Life Catholic Cemetery is maintained in a uniform fashion that reflects Church teachings about the dignity of every human person. Staff responsibilities include the regular mowing of grass, trimming around monuments and memorials, fertilization and weed control. The care fund enables the cemetery to seed new graves, repair older graves, level flush memorials, and repair monument foundations as required. For reasons of uniform beauty as well as safety and insurance concerns, only employees or licensed contractors with permits from cemetery management may plant, cut, fertilize, and add chemicals to the landscape.

Mausoleum Grounds

The turf and landscape surrounding community mausoleums are landscaped and maintained by the cemetery. Disturbing the turf or landscape areas is not permitted. Any unauthorized trees, shrubbery, bushes, flowers or other decorations place on the common landscape will be removed without notice.


No cemetery landscape items may be used for individual grave decoration. Management cannot control growth and assure pruning or removal when shrubbery grows too large. Therefore, new shrubbery is permitted only in carefully controlled situations. When shrubbery overshadows names on monuments, infringes on adjoining graves, or interferes with cemetery operations, it will be immediately removed without notice. Typically, overgrown items will be identified for removal each year prior to Memorial Day. Time will be allowed for families to contact the cemetery office to claim shrubbery; if responsible parties have not responded by August 1st, overgrown items will be discarded.


Because of recycle and disposal challenges, we are a “carry-in/carry-out” facilities. One large receptacle for extenuating circumstances is located on the cemetery property. Please ask the office if you need assistance. Trash, however, should never be abandoned along cemetery roadways.

The American Flag

The American Flag is flown daily to honor the military service of all veterans. Smaller (8″ x 12″ maximum) national and public service flags are permitted on individual graves. All flags must be presentable and will be removed and disposed of according to established flag protocols at the discretion of the cemetery.  Flags can become unsightly due to weather conditions and will be removed as deemed necessary without prior notice.